The Urban and Community Studies Major and Fall 2020 Course Offerings

Dear Advisors,

Below is information about the Urban and Community Studies major as well as some information regarding our Fall 2020 course offerings. We hope you will share the information below with ACES advisees as well as any students that you may feel might find UCS as a good fit possibly as double major, minor or as elective courses to complement a student’s primary major.



Do you have an interest in making a difference in your community? Then take a closer look at the Urban and Community Studies major and our Fall 2020 course offerings

UCS is an interdisciplinary major for students who seek meaningful career opportunities in public service, human services, urban and social change, as well as many other rewarding fields. Our flexible curriculum offers students the ability to take courses within the major based on their own personal career or graduate school aspirations. The program offers emphasis areas in Criminal Justice and Law, Nonprofit and Public Management, Public Health, Public Policy and Social Service and Community Organizing as well as a Fast Track to the Master of Public Administration. Students are welcome also to personalize their degree plan based on their academic interests.

Below are just a few courses that you may want to consider. For a complete list of course offerings and timeslots please visit



URBN 1300 – Exploring Your Community (Meets CA 2 and CA 4 requirements): various aspects of urban and community life emphasizing the interplay of social justice, diversity, individual and social well being. Explores theories, concepts, and methods in community studies. May contain a service learning component.



URBN 2000 – Introduction to Urban and Community Studies: Introduction to the analysis of urban development with particular stress on those problems pertinent to the American central city.



URBN/GEOG 3200 – Urban Geography: Analysis of the growth, distribution, and functional patterns within and among Western cities. Application of urban geographical concepts to city planning problems.

URBN 3275W/SOCI 3901W – Urban Sociology: Social and physical organization of cities and suburbs.



GEOG 2400E – Introduction to Sustainable Cities (Meets CA 2. CA 4-INT): Pathways to make cities more sustainable from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. Topics include sustainable transportation, renewable energy, recycling of waste, and green infrastructure in contemporary metropolitan areas in developed and developing nations.

URBN/HIST 3541 – The History of Urban America: The development of Urban America with emphasis on social, political, physical, and environmental change in the industrial city.

PP 4034 – Social Policy: Examination of the concepts and principles of public policy analysis, with applications to important social issues.

URBN/POLS 3632 – Urban Politics: Political systems and problems confronting urban governments.



POLS 3842 – Public Administration: The politics of public administration. Role of administrative agencies and officials in American national, state, and local government

URBN 2400. City and Community in Film (Meets CA 1.): Aesthetics, history, and contemporary relevance of American films that feature the urban, suburban, and/or small town landscape as a major “character” shaping plot and story. Films read closely as texts that make meaning through a range of tools, including narrative, mise-en-scene, editing, camera work, and genre conventions.

Posted April 2, 2020