Employment Opportunties

The interdisciplinary nature of the Urban and Community Studies (UCS) major has led students to pursue a variety of fields. Graduates of the program have gone on to hold careers in non-profit organizations, human service agencies, insurance firms, urban planning departments, local government, criminal justice and various federal, state and local agencies. This section of the website is geared toward helping our alumni and students locate resources that can assist them in learning about potential employment opportunities, as well as develop a network of alumni who may have personnel needs, which our new and recent graduates might fill.

Job Postings

Locating a job after graduating or trying to find the right career can often be a challenge. There are a variety of resources through UCS and the university, which can be of assistance to you with your job search.

Urban and Community Studies

At the Urban and Community Studies Program, we receive job postings from agencies and organizations seeking to hire individuals with certain academic backgrounds to fill vacancies. These positions are not always widely posted on the internet or in print. On this page, you will find a listing of job opportunities that we believe may be of interest to you. This page is updated at least once a month during the academic year. We encourage you to visit this page routinely if you are currently looking for new employment opportunities or to bookmark it for future reference.

We also encourage our alumni to join us when we sponsor events in the community. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to lend a hand, but to learn more about the agencies and programs in the area. By taking part in these events, you may make valuable contacts in the community that could lead to future employment or civic engagement opportunities. Please visit our home page for UCS sponsored events.

(Alumni of the program who are aware of employment or internship opportunities that may be of interest to our majors are encouraged to forward job postings from their employer to maria.winnick@uconn.edu.)

UConn's Career Services

The University of Connecticut's Center for Career Development at Storrs* provides both current students,  and alumni** " with employment related resources and services.

Below is just a sample of services, information and resources available through the Center for Career Development at Storrs. Please visit their site for more comprehensive information.

(*Please note: If you are a current student or an alumni of the Waterbury campus, please visit Waterbury's Career Services Department website for further information on services available through that office.)

(**Please note: If you have graduated more than 3 years ago, please visit the Center for Career Development's website for a complete listing of services available to you as an alumni of the university. If you have any questions regarding their services, please contact them directly at (860)486-3013.)