Major Degree Requirements

The undergraduate major in Urban and Community Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus on educating citizens on the multiple dimensions of urban and community life and preparing students for careers in public and community service as well as graduate study in social work, public administration, law, planning, public health, or other related areas.

The major has three parts. First, students receive a broad education in the study of cities, suburbs, neighborhoods and communities through core courses in three academic subject areas drawn from Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Public Policy, Sociology, and Urban and Community Studies. Second, students acquire a solid foundation in analytical techniques such as quantitative methods (e.g., statistical analysis of survey research), qualitative methods (e.g., textual analysis of interview, observational, ethnographic and archival research),  and geographic information systems . Finally, students take additional electives in order to broaden their academic training or to develop a deeper specialization in selected areas.


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Degree Plan as of Academic Year 2023/2024


Two required core courses = 6 credits

Course Title Course Number
1. Introduction to Urban & Community Studies URBN 2000 (W)
2. Understanding Your Community or Urban Semester: Seminar, or Senior Thesis (with permission of the UCS Director) URBN 4000 or INTD 3594, or URBN 4497W

Select three courses from three different departments = 9 credits (Cross-listed courses count towards the non-URBN department)

Course Title Course Number
Urban Development & Policy ECON 2439
Economics of Poverty ECON 2456
Globalization GEOG 2000
Introduction to Sustainable Cities GEOG 2400E
Urban Geography GEOG/URBN 3200 (W)
Urban & Regional Planning GEOG 4210
History of Urban America HIST/URBN 2541 (W)            (formerly HIST/URBN 3541)
Immigrants & the Shaping of American History HIST 3554
African American History Since 1865 HIST/AFRA 3564
History of Latino/as in the US HIST 3674/LLAS 3220
Urban Politics POLS/URBN 3632 (W) 
Public Admin. or Public Admin. in Theory & Practice POLS 3842 or PP 3031
Social Policy PP 4034
Sociological Perspectives of Poverty SOCI 2820 (W)                        (formerly  URBN 3429) 
Urban Sociology  SOCI/URBN 2901 (W)            (formerly  SOCI 3901/URBN 3275) 
Social Welfare & Social Work SOCI 3425

Select one of the following courses = 3 credits

Course Title Course Number
Information Technology for Economics ECON 2327
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GEOG/CE 2500                        (formerly GEOG 4500)
Visualizing Geographic Data GEOG 2510
Geographic Data Analysis GEOG 3500Q
Quantitative Analysis in Political Science POLS 2072Q
Survey Research Methods PP/URBN 2100
Methods of Social Research SOCI 3201
Introduction to Statistics II STAT 2215Q
Research Methods & (Quantitative) Analysis in UCS URBN 2301Q
Qualitative Analysis of UCS URBN 2302

Select two additional courses from group II, group III or from the list below = 6 credits

Course title Course Number
Migration ANTH 3150 (W)
Applied Regional Analysis: The CT Economy ECON 2328 (W)
Economics of Taxation & Government Spending ECON 2431
Public Economics ECON 3431 (W)
Urban & Regional Economics ECON 3439 (W) or URBN 3439
Introduction to Sport Based Youth Development EDLR 3547 (W)
Reading the American City ENGL 3235W
Race, Sex, Space, and Place GEOG 3000
Geographical Analysis of Urban Social Issues GEOG 4200W
 Asian American Experience Since 1850 HIST/AAAS 2530                    (formerly HIST 3530/AASI 3578)
History of Urban Latin America HIST/URBN 2650                    (formerly HIST/URBN 3650)
Crime, Policing, and Punishment in the US HIST 2810
Topics in Public History HIST 3102
Social & Cultural History of CT & New England HIST 3520
African American History to 1865 HIST/AFRA/HRTS 3563
Hip-Hop, Politics & Youth Culture in America HIST/AFRA/AMST 3568
Diversity Issues in Human Dev. & Family Studies HDFS 2001
Social & Community Influence on Children in the US HDFS 3110             
Planning & Managing Human Service Programs HDFS 3510
Public Policy & the Family HDFS 3530
Child Welfare, Law & Social Policy HDFS 3540 (W)
Seminar in Urban Problems (Urban Semester) INTD 3584
Sustainable Urban Ecosystems NRE 3265
State & Local Government POLS 2622
Comparative Perspectives on Human Rights POLS/HRTS 3212
Environmental and Climate Justice POLS 3240E
Globalization and Political Change POLS 3406 (W)
American Political Economy POLS 3617
African-American Politics POLS/AFRA 3642
Latino Political Behavior POLS 3662/LLAS 3270
The Policy-making Process POLS 3847
Cases in Public Policy PP 3020 (W)
Race & Policy PP 3033/AFRA 3033/POLS 3633
Criminology SOCI 2301 (W)
Ethnicity & Race SOCI 2510 (W)/AFRA 2510                  (formerly 3501/ (W))
African Americans & Social Protest SOCI/AFRA/HRTS  2530                    (formerly 3825)
Sociology of the Family SOCI 2651 (W)
Sociology of Carework SOCI 2655 (W)
Sociology of Religion SOCI 2670 (formerly 3521 (W))
Sociology of Sexuality SOCI/WGSS 2680 (W) (formerly 3621)
Sociology of Food SOCI 2705E
Society and Climate Change SOCI 2709WE
City Life SOCI 2907 (W)                                     (formerly SOCI 3907 (W))
Aging & Society or Aging in American Society SOCI 3459 or HDFS 3245 (W)
Sociology of Gender SOCI 3601 (W)
Urban Problems SOCI 3903 (W)/URBN 3276 (W)
City and Community in Film URBN/AMST 2400
Urban Parks and Sustainability URBN 3400E
Internship in UCS or Urban Semester: Seminar URBN 3981 & 3991** or                    INTD 3594 (W)†
Foreign Study (With Department Head consent) URBN 3993*
Special Topics URBN 3995
Variable Topics URBN 3998
Senior Thesis URBN 4497W* †
Independent Study URBN 4999*
* = Courses that require instructor consent. (URBN 3993 requires Department Head Consent.)
** = Students seeking to do an internship must take URBN 3981 and URBN 3991 concurrently. Only three internship credits can be used toward the major. Any additional credits will be used to meet the university's 120 credit graduation requirement. Internships require instructor consent.


INTD 3594 and URBN 4497W can be counted only once to meet the requirements of the major.  Majors seeking to take either course as a Core (Group I) requirement must attain UCS faculty advisor or department head approval prior to taking the course. 

(W) = These courses may be offered by the university with or without a Writing Component.

E = These courses meet the Environmental literacy requirement as of catalog year 2019/2020.

Students interested in pursuing a major in Urban and Community Studies are advised to complete 1000-level courses in the social sciences, which may be prerequisites for courses in Urban and Community Studies. These include, but are not limited to GEOG /URBN 1200; ECON 1201; POLS 1602; PP 1001; SOCI 1001, 1251; STAT 1000Q/1100Q; and URBN 1300 . They should also plan on enrolling in URBN 2000, which is open to sophomores, as soon as possible. (The minor is offered by the Urban and Community Studies Program).

Plan of Study Forms

PDF's of Degree Requirements and/or Final Plan of Studies:

UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 23/24 • (UCS Final Plan of Study as of 5.12.22) Degree Requirements PDF - 22/23 • (UCS Final Plan of Study as of 22/23)

UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 21/22 (UCS Final Plan of Study as of Form as of 21/22)
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 19/20
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 18/19
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 16/17
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 15/16
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 14/15(UCS Final Plan of Study as of 14/15)
UCS Degree Requirements PDF - 13/14(UCS Final Plan of Study prior to 14/15)

(For degree requirements prior to catalog copy 13/14 please contact the UCS office at (959)200-3771 or visit the undergraduate course catalog.)