The UCS program is an interdisciplinary major for students interested in social change who want a meaningful career in public and community services. The program gives students a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of urban life by looking at communities through a variety of academic perspectives. This holistic approach provides students with the tools they need to take an active role in their communities and prepare them, upon graduation, for a variety of careers and/or graduate degrees.

As a graduate with a B.A. in Urban and Community Studies from UConn, students have a solid foundation for employment in fields such as social work, public policy, criminal justice, law, public health, social service, community organizing, nonprofit management, urban and regional planning - to just name a few. A degree in UCS also provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a graduate degree in a variety of academic subject areas.

Our flexible curriculum offers our majors the ability to take courses with UCS based on their own personal career or graduate school aspirations. Students may choose to create a personalized degree plan based on their own academic interests or they may choose to follow a specific emphasis area offered by the program.

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Public Policy

Double Major UCS and Journalism

Public Health

Social Services and community organizing

UCS & Pre-Med

Non-profit & Profit Management

Urban and Regional Planning

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What Emphasis Area Best Matches Your Career or Graduate Study Interests?


Emphasis Area

Careers in areas such as …

 Solid foundation for graduate study in …

Criminal Justice & Law

law enforcement, special investigation, law, parole and probation

M.A. in Criminal Justice

J.D. (Law School)

M.S. in Homeland Security

Non-profit and Public Management

city management, nonprofit management, human resources, fundraising, leadership development

Master of Public Administration

Master of Nonprofit Management

Master of Business Administration

Public Health

health promotion, health education, disease prevention, epidemiology, health policy, nursing

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Policy

M.A. in Political Science

Public Policy

public policy analysis, survey research, lobbying, government service, advocacy, consulting

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Policy

M.A. in Political Science

     Fast-Track MPA / Fast-Track MPA with Honors

Social Service and Community Organizing

community organization, case management, counseling, mental health services, career services

Master of Social Work

M.A. in Counseling

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Urban and Regional Planning

city planning, transportation, housing, economic development, historical preservation, land use, demography

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

M.A. in Geography

M.S. in Economic Development

UCS and Pre-Med Increasingly, medical schools are looking for students with a deeper understanding of individuals and community life. The UCS degree provides students this foundation with its interdisciplinary curriculum.

Double Major: UCS and Journalism

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