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The Urban and Community Studies Major …

at the University of Connecticut is an interdisciplinary degree program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a focus on educating citizens on the dimensions of urban and community life and preparing students for careers in public and community service.

Contact Information

Urban and Community Studies
University of Connecticut
10 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06103-2814
For general inquiries please email

Phone: (959)200-3771

Fax: (860)246-0344

For office hours and advising information, please visit our Advising by Campus page.


Upcoming Events

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Contact Information for the UCS Program until January 31st

Dear Majors and Minors, Happy New Year to you all. We are happy to welcome you all back to the university. As you all know the university has decided to run classes remotely for the first two weeks of the spring semester. We anticipate that we will be back to normal operations on January 31st […]

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Interning for Credit and Co-ops through the Ctr for Career Dev.

STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES Co-ops and/or Interning for Credit UConn offers more than 70 internship courses for students looking to earn credit while participating in internships. If you are working with a student where your department does not have an internship course, or the student does not meet pre-requisites, please refer them to the Center for Career […]

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CLAS Scholarship Applications open up January 18th

 The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an array of need-based and merit-based undergraduate student scholarships and graduate student fellowships. The application will open on Tuesday, January 18th and will close on Sunday, February 27th.  Students can find more information about available scholarships and fellowships and apply by visiting     

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Rebalancing Incentives by Mary Donegan

Take a moment to read the current addition of  News and Views, a publication of the Economic Development Division of the American Planning Association which is  highlighting an article written by UCS professor Mary Donegan’s “Rebalancing Incentives: Reforming Budgets, Recipients, and Process”.

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