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Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree from UConn's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to graduate. The College requires that 24 of those credits be within a major. Students must also complete a minimum of 12 additional credits in courses broadly related to their major, but outside of their major department. Students may take courses listed within the major as long as they are not URBN courses or cross-listed with URBN. See examples below in table.

Courses within the major
that may
be taken as a Related
with advisor approval
Courses within the major that
cannot be taken
as a Related (i.e., URBN or Cross-listed with URBN)
ECON 2439 ECON/URBN 3439
GEOG 4210  GEOG/URBN 3200
HIST 3554 HIST/URBN 2541
PP 3020 SOCI 3903/URBN 3276
SOCI 2301 URBN 2400

Courses related to the Urban and Community Studies (UCS) major can typically be found in disciplines, such as Economics, Geography, History, Human Development and Family Studies, Political Science, Public Policy, and Sociology. However, this is not an exhaustive list of possible academic disciplines for related courses nor are all courses found in these disciplines automatically considered to be related. Students should discuss their related course interests and options during their advising sessions with their UCS faculty advisor.

Courses to be counted towards the related requirement must be pre-approved by the student’s UCS advisor. Students must submit written confirmation of this pre-approval when completing their Final Plan of Study with the program.