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For Urban and Community Studies (UCS) majors with interests in public policy, public management, or nonprofit management, the Department of Public Policy’s (DPP) Fast-Track Program is a logical next step. The Fast-Track program allows undergraduate students to take graduate level coursework that will satisfy competencies for a Master of Public Administration or Master of Public Policy degree. Usually it takes two years of graduate work to earn an MPA, however, an agreement between DPP and UCS to allow some courework in our major to satisfy competencies for the MPA degree make it possible to complete the degree in a shorter amount of time.

The Fast-Track program is open to students currently enrolled at all UConn Campuses. Courses are offered in both Storrs and Hartford. There is no additional cost to your undergraduate tuition. In many cases, if planned properly, students can obtain their Masters in just one additional year after their bachelors.

The Fast-Track and Master of Public Administration (MPA) program provides students with a dynamic and integrated approach to the field of public management. The use of practical experiences and internships combined with theory, analysis, and case studies in the classroom make the MPA program job-relevant and intellectually challenging.

The Fast-Track and Master of Public Policy (MPP) program provides top caliber instruction in policy analysis and program evaluation. The focus is on providing students with the rigorous analytic and quantitative skills needed to assess policies and to evaluate programs. The program is centered on analysis of real-world problems and the policies and programs that address them.

The DPP offers internships in both the public and nonprofit sectors. Active Fast-Track students may be eligible for the Sponsored Internship (SI) Program. After applying to the MPA or MPP program, students become eligible for the Internship and Professional Practice Program (IPP). For more information about DPP internships please see here.


Applying to the MPA Fast-Track Program

Current UConn undergraduate students at any campus and in any major with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is eligible to apply to the Fast-Track program.

In order to apply please submit the following materials:

  1. Personal Statement. In 2-3 pages double-spaced, tell us about yourself and your interest in joining the Fast-Track program for the MPA, MASR or MPP degrees (or if you don’t know which program, that’s okay too.)  What is your motivation and passion?  What has inspired you?  Do you have career goals? Our Committee cares to makes sure that your needs and goals are a match with the program you choose.
  2. Resume. This helps us understand your academic, volunteer and work experiences.
  3. Unofficial Transcripts. In addition to the UConn transcripts, if you transferred into UConn please share with us those unofficial transcripts from other universities.
  4. SAT or ACT Scores. Please submit your SAT or ACT scores. A screen shot or copy is acceptable. If you do not have them, or do not remember, please state that in the email.

Materials can be submitted in PDF or Word format to or via mail to:

University of Connecticut
Department of Public Policy
10 Prospect St., 4th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Acceptance into the Fast-Track program does not automatically result in acceptance into the MPA or MPP program.

Students interested in the Fast-Track program or want further information regarding the application process should contact the Administrative Program Director, Catherine Guarino, by phone at 959-200-3753 or via email at

What to learn more about the Fast-Track Program?  Consider attending a DPP Open House.