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After completing an undergraduate degree in Urban & Community Studies (UCS), many of our students wish to venture on to graduate school.  Individuals attend graduate school for a number of different reasons. Some pursue graduate school for the  enjoyment of learning or to further study a specific subject matter. Others will pursue graduate school to either advance their careers or to enter fields that require a post-graduate degree.  A Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Community Study provides students with a solid foundation for graduate study in fields such as social work, public health, urban and regional planning, law, public administration, survey research, education, and business administration

Graduate Programs and Researching Sites

Below are a number websites that you may find helpful in researching graduate degree programs. Many of these sites also offer articles on graduate school related topics.

UConn’s Center for Career Development – This site has helpful information for those contemplating graduate school. The center also has a useful handout online called “How to Decide if Graduate School is Right for You”.  This handout also provides a number of links to help individuals through the graduate school research process.

UConn's Graduate School – This site provides information for prospective students considering graduate school programs at UConn , as well as important information for current graduate students. Please visit their site for an alphabetical listing of graduate and certification programs* available through UConn’s Graduate School.

(*Please note: If you are interested in learning about or applying to the School of Law, please visit their site directly since they have a  separate application procedure.)

Examples of Graduate Degree Programs and Certifications available at UConn

Master’s of Arts in Education

Master of Business Administration

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Health

Master of Social Work

J.D (Law School)

Nonprofit Management Graduate Certification

Survey Research Graduate Certification

Graduate School Researching Links – This site provides a search engine for researching graduate programs within the United States and internationally. You may search for programs in a variety of different ways including, by field of study or location. The site also offers articles on a variety of graduate school related topics.

Graduate Guide: Your Graduate Destination Portal – This site provides a search engine for graduate schools based on field of study and by location.

Peterson’s – This site provides a search engine enabling users to locate programs based on the type of degree offered and by program or institution name. This site also provides related graduate school articles including how to fund your education. (Hint: For a comprehensive search of graduate school programs, under Graduate School Subject Area choose “All Subjects” then under Graduate School Program choose your field of interest.)