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Internship Guidelines & Procedures

Why: Internships are an excellent means for Urban and Community Studies majors to explore the urban community around them, to learn about the inner workings of non-profit agencies, and to attain valuable job experience while performing meaningful community service.

When: UCS majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in internships during their senior year, after they have completed a significant amount of coursework within the major. Students should start researching internship opportunities at least one term or semester in advance.

What: Students must enroll in URBN 3981 and UBRN 3991 concurrently and secure a UCS faculty advisor to oversee the internship placement

URBN 3981 – Internship in Urban Studies: Seminar
Students describe, analyze and evaluate their field study experience through written assignments.

URBN 3991 – Internship in Urban Studies: Field Study
Students work in an internship program under the direction and supervision of a UCS faculty member.

Credit Information:

  • Students may take 1 to 3 credits per internship course for a combined total of no more than 6 credits.
  • Only 3 credits may be used within the major, all other credits maybe counted as electives.
  • These URBN internship courses (i.e., 3981 & 3991) may be repeated for a total of 12 combined credits.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Policy

    1. No credit may be given retroactively for internship work undertaken without being properly enrolled in the internship course in advance.
    2. A student may count no more than 15 credits towards a bachelor’s degree. (Note: URBN 3981 & URBN 3991 can only be taken for a combined total of 12 credits.)
    3. Each credit for internship field work must entail 42 hours of work per semester or term.

How: Students should plan on meeting with a UCS faculty member or their UCS advisor prior to the semester in question.  To assist with locating placements the program maintains a listing of internships on our website. Students may also locate placements by searching the Center for Career development’s  Handshake site or they may choose to find a placement on their own.

Students are encouraged to pick internships that reflect their academic and career interests. Internships can provide students with an array of benefits from interpersonal growth to practical hands-on experiences that can help to develop marketable skills and community contacts that can lead to future employment or post-graduate opportunities.


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