UCS Fall 2020 Schedule

Below is the UCS Fall 2020 course schedule. Please remember that course information may periodically change. We will update the schedule on the website and/or send out emails or weekly newsletter announcements when significant changes occur. If you have not already made an appointment to meet with your UCS advisor, please do so as soon as possible since some classes may will limited seats.


Please note. we have added a new course offering on the Hartford campus URBN 3998 – Human Services in Policing. This course provides critical examination of the study of crime, policing and justice in urban settings. Course materials examine contemporary policing-related issues that affect urban communities within a historical and sociological context. The course provides a deeper dive into the intersections of deviant behavior, oppression and the criminal justice system within the structures of class, race, gender, structural and institutional racism with law enforcement bodies, and power inequalities. Moving beyond issues within the current law enforcement structure, the helping and human services aspect of policing will be covered. Topics explored may include racial profiling, juvenile delinquency, media representations of crime and perpetrators, policing and implicit bias, the war on drugs and the impact to marginalized communities, sentencing and bias, and prisoner re-entry.

(New) Hartford – Wednesdays, 4:00pm to 6:30pm.

This course is also available in Storrs on Tuesday’s from 3:35pm to 6:05pm.


Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Course Schedule 3.27.20 with summer courses


If you are interested in taking a course in Hartford or Storrs, please be aware that CT Transit has an express bus route no. 913 available to students. Below are links to UConn’s Transit Pass and CT Transit’s Route 913 Schedule:

UConn U-Pass

Route 913 CT Transit Express – Downtown Hartford to Storrs Schedule (8/2018)


Posted March 18, 2020