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UConn’s COVID – 19 Response

UConn continues to monitor information and guidance involving the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the U.S. and elsewhere. Your health and safety is UConn’s top priority, and is the guiding principle in our discussions on this topic. For up-to-date information regarding UConn’s response to COVID-19, please visit

While our campus buildings are closed, students and the public may reach us via email. Below are a listing of program contacts as well as program advisors by campus.


Main Office – Hartford Campus


Maria Winnick

Program Assistant



Prof. Ken Foote

Director, Urban and Community Studies Program



Advisors and Contacts by Campus



Phil Birge-Liberman


Nexus Advising Appointment Link:




Sarah Mosier (If you are a student who was previously assigned to Sarah Mosier, you will continue to be advised by her this semester.)

Please email to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be virtual (Webex) or via phone until further notice. The CLAS Accademic Center is not open for drop-in appointments at this time.

Phone: 860-486-2822



Students A-M and UCS minors

Stacy Maddern


Nexus Advising Appointment Link:


Students N-V and athletes

Mary Donegan


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Students W-Z, and Geography and GIS Double Majors

Ken Foote


Nexus Advising Appointment Link:



Ruth Glasser



Avery Point and Stamford

Ken Foote








The Urban and Community Studies Major and Fall 2020 Course Offerings

Dear Advisors,

Below is information about the Urban and Community Studies major as well as some information regarding our Fall 2020 course offerings. We hope you will share the information below with ACES advisees as well as any students that you may feel might find UCS as a good fit possibly as double major, minor or as elective courses to complement a student’s primary major.



Do you have an interest in making a difference in your community? Then take a closer look at the Urban and Community Studies major and our Fall 2020 course offerings

UCS is an interdisciplinary major for students who seek meaningful career opportunities in public service, human services, urban and social change, as well as many other rewarding fields. Our flexible curriculum offers students the ability to take courses within the major based on their own personal career or graduate school aspirations. The program offers emphasis areas in Criminal Justice and Law, Nonprofit and Public Management, Public Health, Public Policy and Social Service and Community Organizing as well as a Fast Track to the Master of Public Administration. Students are welcome also to personalize their degree plan based on their academic interests.

Below are just a few courses that you may want to consider. For a complete list of course offerings and timeslots please visit



URBN 1300 – Exploring Your Community (Meets CA 2 and CA 4 requirements): various aspects of urban and community life emphasizing the interplay of social justice, diversity, individual and social well being. Explores theories, concepts, and methods in community studies. May contain a service learning component.



URBN 2000 – Introduction to Urban and Community Studies: Introduction to the analysis of urban development with particular stress on those problems pertinent to the American central city.



URBN/GEOG 3200 – Urban Geography: Analysis of the growth, distribution, and functional patterns within and among Western cities. Application of urban geographical concepts to city planning problems.

URBN 3275W/SOCI 3901W – Urban Sociology: Social and physical organization of cities and suburbs.



GEOG 2400E – Introduction to Sustainable Cities (Meets CA 2. CA 4-INT): Pathways to make cities more sustainable from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. Topics include sustainable transportation, renewable energy, recycling of waste, and green infrastructure in contemporary metropolitan areas in developed and developing nations.

URBN/HIST 3541 – The History of Urban America: The development of Urban America with emphasis on social, political, physical, and environmental change in the industrial city.

PP 4034 – Social Policy: Examination of the concepts and principles of public policy analysis, with applications to important social issues.

URBN/POLS 3632 – Urban Politics: Political systems and problems confronting urban governments.



POLS 3842 – Public Administration: The politics of public administration. Role of administrative agencies and officials in American national, state, and local government

URBN 2400. City and Community in Film (Meets CA 1.): Aesthetics, history, and contemporary relevance of American films that feature the urban, suburban, and/or small town landscape as a major “character” shaping plot and story. Films read closely as texts that make meaning through a range of tools, including narrative, mise-en-scene, editing, camera work, and genre conventions.

Westchester Municipal Planning Federation Scholarship Apply by 4/24

Majors who fit the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply before April 24, 2020.

UCS Fall 2020 Schedule

Below is the UCS Fall 2020 course schedule. Please remember that course information may periodically change. We will update the schedule on the website and/or send out emails or weekly newsletter announcements when significant changes occur. If you have not already made an appointment to meet with your UCS advisor, please do so as soon as possible since some classes may will limited seats.


Please note. we have added a new course offering on the Hartford campus URBN 3998 – Human Services in Policing. This course provides critical examination of the study of crime, policing and justice in urban settings. Course materials examine contemporary policing-related issues that affect urban communities within a historical and sociological context. The course provides a deeper dive into the intersections of deviant behavior, oppression and the criminal justice system within the structures of class, race, gender, structural and institutional racism with law enforcement bodies, and power inequalities. Moving beyond issues within the current law enforcement structure, the helping and human services aspect of policing will be covered. Topics explored may include racial profiling, juvenile delinquency, media representations of crime and perpetrators, policing and implicit bias, the war on drugs and the impact to marginalized communities, sentencing and bias, and prisoner re-entry.

(New) Hartford – Wednesdays, 4:00pm to 6:30pm.

This course is also available in Storrs on Tuesday’s from 3:35pm to 6:05pm.


Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Course Schedule 3.27.20 with summer courses


If you are interested in taking a course in Hartford or Storrs, please be aware that CT Transit has an express bus route no. 913 available to students. Below are links to UConn’s Transit Pass and CT Transit’s Route 913 Schedule:

UConn U-Pass

Route 913 CT Transit Express – Downtown Hartford to Storrs Schedule (8/2018)


Frontiers in Historical GIS Symposium


11/12 Polluted Planet

A panel discussion on how minority communities are impacted by environmental racism.

UCS Spring 2020 Course Flyer

If you have not yet meet with your UCS faculty advisor for Spring 2020 registration, please be sure to reach out to them via email or via their to make nexus site.

We have updated the course flyer for Spring 2020. Courses highlighted in yellow have limited seating. Courses highlighted in blue were full as of November 6th. Please check Student Admin to see if the course has a waiting list.


Interested in Soc Justice? Try Alternative Break!

Want to engage in meaningful service? Interested in social issues such as homelessness, urban poverty, cultural preservation, environmental conservation, and more?

Apply to an Alternative Break! During these week-long and weekend-long alternative break trips, students will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful service surrounding the trip topics. Students will have pre-trip educational meetings, on-trip reflection, and post-trip reflection meetings.

For more information, please go to:

Applications opened on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 9am and close on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at noon.

Apply here:

For more information, contact: Grace Lemire at

Killing African American Course – Spring 2020 learn more…

Professor Noel Cazenave will be offering SOCI 3833 – Killing African Americans: Polic and Vigilante Violence as a Racial Control Mechanism on the Hartford campus. The course will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm.

Advance Scholarship Program for Sophomores – Deadline 10/1/19

For questions regarding the scholarship please contact Scholarship America (1-800-537-4180).