UConn’s COVID – 19 Response

UConn continues to monitor information and guidance involving the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the U.S. and elsewhere. Your health and safety is UConn’s top priority, and is the guiding principle in our discussions on this topic. For up-to-date information regarding UConn’s response to COVID-19, please visit https://uconn.edu/public-notification/coronavirus/

While our campus buildings are closed, students and the public may reach us via email. Below are a listing of program contacts as well as program advisors by campus.


Main Office – Hartford Campus


Maria Winnick

Program Assistant

Email: maria.winnick@uconn.edu


Prof. Ken Foote

Director, Urban and Community Studies Program

Email: ken.foote@uconn.edu


Advisors and Contacts by Campus



Phil Birge-Liberman

Email: phil.birge-liberman@uconn.edu

Nexus Advising Appointment Link: https://nexus.uconn.edu/secure_per/schedule1.php?stser=1479




Sarah Mosier (If you are a student who was previously assigned to Sarah Mosier, you will continue to be advised by her this semester.)

Please email to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be virtual (Webex) or via phone until further notice. The CLAS Accademic Center is not open for drop-in appointments at this time.

Phone: 860-486-2822

Email: sarah.mosier@uconn.edu


Students A-M and UCS minors

Stacy Maddern

Email: stacy.maddern@uconn.edu

Nexus Advising Appointment Link: https://nexus.uconn.edu/secure_per/schedule1.php?stser=2862


Students N-V and athletes

Mary Donegan

Email: mary.donegan@uconn.edu

Nexus Advising Appointment Link: https://nexus.uconn.edu/secure_per/schedule1.php?stser=1478


Students W-Z, and Geography and GIS Double Majors

Ken Foote

Email: ken.foote@uconn.edu

Nexus Advising Appointment Link: https://nexus.uconn.edu/secure_per/schedule1.php?stser=2720



Ruth Glasser

Email: ruth.glasser@uconn.edu


Avery Point and Stamford

Ken Foote

Email: ken.foote@uconn.edu







Posted April 16, 2020