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Research, News Articles, Awards, and Podcasts:

  • Associate Professor in Residence Phil Birge-Liberman joins NPR’s Where We Live podcast discussing trails and efforts to conserve Connecticut’s state parks. Listen here.
  • Associate Professor Melanie Newport, History Department, was awarded a 2023 Sharon Harris Book Award. The award committee shares that “Newport states unequivocally that jails are barriers to collective freedom that cannot deliver a solution to violence in Chicago or beyond. We are delighted that this important, must-read study was authored by a UConn colleague!”
  • UConn Today – Featured Noel Cazenave Research on Kindness. In his latest project, Noël A. Cazenave is challenging the definition of kindness. “In his latest project, though, he’s challenging that definition to ignite a kindness revolution, one meant to shift power relations in pursuit of societal change.” To read more visit UConn Today.

  • Rebalancing Incentives by Mary Donegan. Take a moment to read the current addition of  News and Views, a publication of the Economic Development Division of the American Planning Association which is  highlighting an article written by UCS professor Mary Donegan’s “Rebalancing Incentives: Reforming Budgets, Recipients, and Process”.