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Robert Fisher

Professor (Social Work)


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School of Social Work Building
Room 212

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School of Social Work
University of Connecticut
38 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06103-2814

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Robert Fisher is a Professor of Social Work and serves as a core faculty member for the Urban and Community Studies Program at the University of Connecticut. He is the co-author of Settlement Houses Under Siege: The Struggle to Sustain Community Organization in New York (Columbia University, 2002) and Social Work and Community in a Private World: Getting Out in Public (Longman, 1997). He is the author of Let The People Decide: Neighborhood Organizing in America Second Edition (Twayne, 1994). And he co-edited Mobilizing the Community: Local Politics in the Era of the Global City (Sage, 1993) and Community Organization for Urban Social Change (1981). Fisher is the recipient of two Fulbright fellowships to Austria.


History / Social Work: community organizing, social movements