UConn Extension Internships Available

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable and paid in-the-field experience in your chosen discipline at an in-state Extension office location.

  • Food    • Nutrition      • Health        • Sustainability    • Research    • Agribusiness   • Youth Education  • Community Development

Students can paid while learning and working in a career-oriented role.  Most of these roles are for a minimum 20 hours per week over the 10 week summer period with some requiring a bit of weekend and/or evening hours, although these circumstances vary by position. Underclassmen and Super Seniors (those due to graduate in August or December 2017) are eligible to apply.

UConn Extension specialists work in communities across Connecticut as educators, problem solvers, catalysts, collaborators and stewards. To many Connecticut residents they are the face of UConn. Our eight regional Extension Centers, the Sea Grant program at Avery Point, the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm, the Home and Garden Education Center and the UConn Extension office in Storrs all collaborate to fulfill our land grant university’s third mission of outreach and public engagement.  UConn Extension’s off campus classrooms include: high-tech greenhouses, coastal estuaries, elementary school gardens, community centers for high risk teens and municipal town halls. We use an interdisciplinary approach and take knowledge directly to the public. UConn Extension enhances small businesses, the economic and physical well-being of families and offers opportunities to improve the decision-making capacity of community leaders.

For more information and application details go to UConn Extension at: http://www.extension.uconn.edu/root/extension-internships.php

For more information, contact: Center for Career Development at 860-486-3013


(Please note: Internship postings are being provided for informational purposes only. Anyone interested in applying for an internship is responsible for verifying all related information. The Urban and Community Studies Program, nor the University is recommending these employers nor guaranteeing the accuracy of the information furnished in the job posting.)

Posted March 8, 2017