Interning at the Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development (CCD) fills several intern positions each academic year. A Career Intern holds a prestigious leadership and employment position that requires significant time, training, and dedication. Training will be provided to interns prior to the beginning of each semester to prepare for the following responsibilities:

  • Critique résumés for undergraduate students.
  • Present to student groups, organizations, and classes on career-related topics.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, training, and professional development programs.
  • Work with full-time staff on important assignments and projects related to helping students become career-ready and prepare for life after college.

To learn more or to apply, please visit CCD’s website. Typically the application deadline process ends sometime in March for the following academic year.


(Please note: Postings are being provided for informational purposes only. Anyone interested in applying for one of these positions is responsible for verifying all related information. The Urban and Community Studies Program, nor the University is recommending these employers nor guaranteeing the accuracy of the information furnished in the posting.)


Posted April 13, 2016